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Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter looks back on 2011 and forward to 2012


In Final Fantasy XIV's latest producer's letter, producer Naoki Yoshida stopped by the forums to reflect a bit on 2011 and give fans a look at what's coming up in 2012. Yoshida notes that September 2011 marked the one-year anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV as well as the one-year anniversary of Yoshida's installation as producer and director of the title.

He goes on to state that "2012 will see [the game] making even larger strides and will prove to be an even bigger test for FFXIV." Next year's first new patch, 1.20b, is already in development, and Yoshida says the team is working diligently on 1.21 features such as the job system, job quests, and two new dungeons. As his final announcement, Yoshida reveals that QA testing for the battle system for the 2.0 client will begin shortly after the new year. For the full details, click on over to the full producer's letter on the FFXIV official forums.

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