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Ground skill revamp previewed for Star Trek Online

Eliot Lefebvre

As part of the latest major patch, Star Trek Online is giving its skill system a massive overhaul, designed to make the skill functions more transparent and encourage a bit more variety in skill setups. The space skill revisions have already been previewed, but the ground skills have only just seen the light of day in the latest entry of the Path to F2P blog series. In some ways, the revisions are much smaller than those made to space combat; in other ways, the changes are bigger.

Ground skills now have two skill tracks -- one set of skills that's shared among all characters and one that's unique for each career. The shared line of skills provides straight buffs to general abilities, such as damage and shield values, while the unique line of five skills buffs career-specific abilities such as pets for Engineers, healing for Science, and buffs for Tactical. Players should peruse the full list of updates to get a sense of what ground skills will look like after the change -- they're simpler, but there's still a great deal of room for differentiation.

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