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Dungeon Defenders picks up gold from 600K sales


Loot-obsessing, tower defense action game Dungeon Defenders has surpassed 600,000 sales since its launch in mid-October. In coincidental celebration, "The Lost Eternia Shards: Mistymire Forest" DLC (released last week on Steam) is now available for 320 MSP ($4) and $3.99 on the Xbox Marketplace and PSN, respectively. The DLC includes four new missions, a new boss, new loot and a crypt-ton of spiders.

Developer Trendy Entertainment's first major success comes from one the most content-packed downloadable games of the year. Sales of Dungeon Defenders, which have favored PC thus far, have been assisted by several deep discounts on Steam and Amazon. If you're looking for a co-op game (and we stress co-op!) over the holiday break, give Dungeon Defenders a spin.

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Hey there, faithful dungeon defenders!

As I'm sure you already know, the first of four Dungeon Defenders DLC packs recently launched on Steam for PC users. Now, Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network users can get in on the action! The Lost Eternia Shards: Mistymire Forest is now available for just 320 MS points on XBLA or $3.99 on PSN. Loaded with new enemies, loot, missions, and a new boss, the Mistymire Forest DLC pack is a steal. The Lost Eternia Shards saga is just getting started, and there's even more epic content coming your way. If you haven't already, check out the trailer!

Dungeon Defenders is one of the fastest selling downloadable games of all time, selling over 600,000 units across all three platforms since its launch in mid-October. Bringing together the best elements of tower defense and action-RPG progression, it allows players to team up and fight across 15 unique maps, 30 challenges and four difficulty settings in all of the game's loot-raiding, spell-casting, level-up stacking glory. Players control one of four distinct heroes in an epic bid to fight back an ancient evil. Each character comes with special functions, and players can create and customize/upgrade an armory of weapons and equipment.

Dungeon Defenders is available for download now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1,200 Microsoft Points, and on PlayStation Network and Steam for $14.99. For more information on the game, visit, like the game on Facebook or follow the Trendy team @TrendyEnt.

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