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Former Halo 4 producer working on artsy iPad adventure 'The Last Sleeper'

A recently posted Kickstarter campaign for an iPad adventure game titled The Last Sleeper is just chock-full of surprises. For instance, this game we've never heard of looks absolutely gorgeous: It's a lovingly illustrated sci-fi game which "relies on the seamless integration of sound, image, and touch." We were pretty sure that same logic applies to all smartphone-based games -- but hey, who are we to judge when the pictures look this pretty?

Another surprise comes from the development team's roster, a list which includes Gears of War 3 composer Steve Jablonsky, Lord of the Rings sound designer Ethan Van Der Ryn and, perhaps most surprising, Halo 4 producer and designer Kendall Davis.

Together, they form Black Gold Studio. The team appears in the resume of freelance artist Rasmus Berggreen, whose curriculum vitae seems to suggest that the title will be published by Bungie Aerospace. Of course, given that the team is seeking funds from Kickstarter, it's possible that said partnership is over or still in the works. Check out the game's Kickstarter page for a full list of its esteemed creators, as well as some background info on its heady plot.

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