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Gameloft apologizes over unannounced move to free-to-play with Hero of Sparta 2


High profile iOS developer (and, er, taker of inspiration) Gameloft probably thought players would be excited by its character action homage Hero of Sparta 2 going free to play. And they were! They were very negatively excited.

Unfortunately, the iOS update to Hero of Sparta 2 affected everyone who downloaded it, including those poor souls who had already paid for the game. That update introduced advertisements to support Hero of Sparta 2's new free-to-play business model, which understandably annoyed paying players, and, by Gameloft's own admission, "deteriorated the gaming experience."

Luckily for those paying players, Gameloft issued a formal apology on their Facebook page, blaming "the craziness of the Christmas period" and stating that "this game update didn't go through our usual quality assurance process." Gameloft also pushed out a new update removing all ads from the game, and has switched Hero of Sparta 2 back to a paid app.

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