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YNK Interactive giving gifts for the holidays!

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

As we approach the end of 2011, the crew at YNK Interactive is offering up some festive items to help Massively readers ring in the new year. YNK Interactive is the developer and publisher behind both ROHAN: Blood Feud and SEAL Online, and we've got some gift packs for players of both games.

For ROHAN: Blood Feud, the gift package includes a Snow Kruger mount for players level 30 and up, a Harmony Seal that grants a three-hour 400% XP boost to your entire party, and Celebration Glasses that give a bonus to STR, DEX, and INT. Pick up your code on our giveaway page, make sure you have a ROHAN account, then enter your code in the Gamer Code box of ROHAN's redemption page. Log into ROHAN and retrieve your items from your mail inventory.
[Sorry, all codes have been claimed]
SEAL Online players have some great items as well. The set includes three potions, each giving a bonus to defense, dexterity, or evasion. You'll also find a golden chest key that unlocks chests in the Monster Survival Dungeon. Pick up your code on our giveaway page, then redeem it using the Gamer Code section of SEAL Online's redemption page. Log into SEAL Online and you'll find your new items in your cash bank.


Enjoy both giveaways, and thanks to YNK Interactive!

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