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2011 game industry holiday card blowout


We made it through another year, folks! Take that, death! And with another year's end comes a new volley of holiday cards created by game industry developers, publishers, and publications. In honor of our features editor and most prolific writer, JC Fletcher, we've adorned the header image above with Tiny Cartridge's adorably handheld-themed card (he's half of the team that makes up Tiny Cartridge, you see).

We'd also like to thank you, dear reader, for joining us for another year of video game news, previews, reviews, and features heavily laced with puns and semi-obscure pop culture references. We'll have much, much more in the coming year, as you can imagine.

Another treat we'd suggest you check out (and one that can't be jammed into a gallery) is Destructoid's second annual Christmas album. That's some serious dedication to the holiday spirit right there! While you listen to that, might we suggest heading into the gallery below and flipping through this year's holiday cards? Or get some coffee first, perhaps -- it's okay, we'll wait. All set? Go for it!

Gallery: Game Industry Holiday Cards 2011 | 26 Photos

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