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Breakfast Topic: What do you think about the new holiday boss style?


We've come to expect our holiday bosses to work a certain way here in World of Warcraft. Once every few months, we get a chance to go queue up for a unique boss that drops some nice loot to provide easy upgrades for casual players, and we get a daily package with a chance at some sort of fun pet or mount, as well as a BoE weapon. This has been a very nice arrangement for all involved.

This year on Winter Veil, Blizzard muddied the waters a bit. Rather than put the boss in a dungeon, Blizzard put him right smack dab in Alterac, uninstanced, and made the daily package come from a daily quest. Now, if you want to kill him, you have to fly out to him and grab a group, then take him down.

On one hand, it's not too bad. Since you don't have to tap him to kill him, in theory if you get there at the same time as five or six other people, you can kill him quick and clean. On the other hand, he's hard enough that you probably need a dedicated tank, and if it's 2 a.m., you better hope your server has a lot of night owls.

Why did the developers do this? Are they testing out the idea of world bosses for Mists of Pandaria? Did they just not want to stick the Greench into a dungeon somewhere? Did they just want to stick it to the Alliance by forcing them to fly over poor Southshore every day on their way to kill the boss? We may never know for sure.

But it does bring up a few interesting things to consider. A lot of people have said they are tired of sitting in their capital city and queueing for everything.

Now that we have a shot at it, what do you think? Is this enough? Is this an exciting preview of the brave new world of world exploring, or should Blizzard just stick to the queueing and stop forcing us to go to the middle of nowhere and do a lot of work for a silly pet? And why the heck did it put that adorable corgi graphic in the Greench's cave and then not give us a corgi pet? Why so mean, Blizzard?

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