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Enjoy this video of Wii's 'Kiki Trick,' since you probably won't get to play the game


If you weren't raptly watching last night's Nintendo Direct presentation, you missed the incredible video for Kiki Trick, an audio-based Wii game from Metroid's Yoshio Sakamoto and the WarioWare team.

In the above clip, you'll see Nintendo president Satoru Iwata try to decipher a robot's nightmare voice, assign sounds to the act of eating ramen in the correct order, and match audio tracks to video clips. It looks weird and fascinating, and of course it has no chance of ever leaving Japan.

The Nintendo Direct site has more videos from last night, including clips for Dynasty Warriors Vs., Bravely Default, Girls RPG Cinderellife, and -- you absolutely must see this -- Satoru Iwata playing New Love Plus. In fact, we're just going to go ahead and put that one after the break.

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