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Silicon Knights/Epic lawsuit turns in Epic's favor, reveals past SK projects including King's Quest


Silicon Knights' 2007 lawsuit against Epic Games, over 'inadequacies' in performance and support of Unreal Engine 3, continues. Last week, a judge delivered a damaging blow to SK's case when he granted a motion to exclude testimony from financial analyst Terry Lloyd, who was retained by SK to offer an expert opinion about the damages sought.

Judge James Dever III concluded that Lloyd delivered "his own subjective conclusions about an industry in which he had no prior knowledge or experience." His choices of competitors to compare sales against was called into question, as games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Gears of War didn't meet his criteria of similar marketing budgets or genre.

Court documents also reveal what Silicon Knights was up to elsewhere at the time of filing. The company was pursuing "development opportunities" with Vivendi, THQ, Capcom, and Namco. It had plans for Sandman and King's Quest games, and had gone so far as to make a prototype for King's Quest. Ironically, this would have been taking place right around the time a letter-writing campaign revived the fan-made The Silver Lining project ... which went on to be shut down, and then re-revived. And after all that, the King's Quest franchise is now in the hands of Telltale Games.

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