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Videos document player battle with ArcheAge's Kraken


If you haven't gotten enough of ArcheAge's ridiculously gorgeous graphics and sailing mechanics, then prepare to wet your whistle on not one, not two, but three new videos showing off ocean exploration and monster encounters.

Sailing and ship combat is one of the lesser-utilized mechanics in the MMO field, so if ArcheAge can pull it off, then it might make waves. Figuratively speaking. These three videos document an encounter with the fearsome Kraken -- giant squid with an anger management problem -- and what happens to a fragile wooden boat that sails into its waiting tentacles.

According to the video, the Kraken has nearly a million hit points and can smash entire armadas with impunity. The videos show a fleet trying to take on the fearsome underwater world boss, but the players are only able to make a dent for all their efforts.

Conquer your fears of the unknown by hitting the jump and checking out this impressive beta footage!

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