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CyanogenMod Compiler project allows Android tweakers to easily make custom blends

Zachary Lutz

Ever wish that building your own personal ROM was as simple as placing an order at Starbucks? Well, an intrepid coder known as lithid-cm has taken that vision one step closer with the CyanogenMod Compiler (CMC), a command line utility that allows armchair mixers to remove unwanted features and then compile their own special blend of CyanogenMod. While CMC's functionality is currently rather limited -- which allows users to eliminate languages, wallpapers and tweak themes -- the developer will introduce new installation / removal features and additional plug-in support in future releases. The software is early alpha stage, which means its creator needs the help of others to identify and resolve the rough edges. So, if you aren't afraid to get your hands a bit dirty, CMC seems quite worthwhile. Just don't blame us when you break something.

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