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iOS vs. Android: comparing Christmas activation numbers

Mel Martin

It depends on how you count the numbers (doesn't it always?) but it looks like iOS won Christmas day activations by a hefty 1.6 million units.

The info comes from Flurry Analytics, who reports that iOS and Android together added 6.9 million devices on Christmas Day, a 353 percent increase from Christmas 2010. The data is also based on tweets from Google's Andy Rubin.

The increased iOS activations are probably due to the iPad and iPod touch. Of course, all these numbers are educated guesswork, and the numbers don't include Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The study also noted app downloads for both iOS and Android doubled during Christmas Day, as all those new smartphones loaded up on new software.

Expect to see some hard numbers from Apple when it reports on its first fiscal quarter next month.

[via Fortune Tech]

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