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Winter Wake-Up app adjusts your alarms for bad weather


As we settle in for the rest of the long, cold winter, we're just about to hit the time of year where it's most likely you'll hear the two sweetest words in the English language. No, not "cellar door." I'm talking about "snow day."

Winter Wake-up is a new app that combines two different usual tasks in a fun way. It's an alarm app that will automatically check the weather for you, and it will wake you up early if there's either snow or frost on the menu for the day. You can set two different settings, put in your zip code, and then get a custom alarm based on what it's doing outside. There's also an option (and here's what you really want) to kill the alarm completely if the weather's really bad outside.

Unfortunately, I believe the app just checks the National Weather Service for the conditions, not your actual school or work, so if your boss commonly makes decisions based on something other than the official weather report, you might be out of luck. But I love the idea of combining access to the weather with my alarm, and that delicious feeling that may come about from waking up an hour late and realizing that there wasn't an alarm because you don't have to be up at all that day. That in itself is probably worth the free download, and might make the winter and all its snow and ice that much easier to live with.

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