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XBLM discounts Red Dead DLC in ninth day of savings


With discounts being offered daily on Xbox Live across Microsoft's "12 Days of Deals" winter promotion, we've seen big price drops in everything from Fallout 3 and New Vegas to Halo: Reach. Today, Microsoft throws John Marston into the mix, offering price breaks on the entire Red Dead Redemption DLC catalog as well as the original game itself in downloadable form.

While all the DLC is seeing prices cut in half, the game itself varies in price depending on where you buy it. Here in the US, it'll run you $29.99 (25 percent off). Of course, if you don't already own the game and you buy it plus all this DLC, you'll be spending $5 more than the cost of the "Game of the Year" edition, which includes all the DLC plus a "brand-new hardcore single-player mode." Weigh your options wisely, partners!

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