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Myst 3D video shows off Myst, not so much 3D


Myst 3D
is coming to the 3DS in March, and a video from publisher Maximum Family Games offers a glimpse into all of its dimensions -- and they're falling flat. Joystiqer Tom P. points out that the main action shown in the demo video takes place on the lower, non-3D screen. There is some discovery gameplay on the upper, 3D screen, but since Maximum Family Games is billing Myst 3D as a game with "sharp 3D environments," we were expecting a game with sharp 3D environments.

As the friendly warning at the beginning of the demonstration states, we aren't able to see the true 3D effects in the video, and it's possible that the Myst holding screen on the 3D panel looks utterly outstanding. We'll keep both eyes out for more Myst 3D gameplay videos -- mostly because you can't see 3D graphics with just one eye.

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