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Nominate your favorite gadgets for the 2011 Engadget Awards!

Zach Honig

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Welcome to the 2011 Engadget Awards! This year we've got 15 categories up for grabs, with 30 total awards to be decided. All finalists for Engadget Awards are reader-nominated, and the editors of Engadget will then select the best of those nominations (usually somewhere between 4-6 devices) as finalists. There are two awards per category: Readers' Choice (voted on by you!), and Editors' Choice (selected by us). The vote will take place in a few weeks once the nominees are picked, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Submit your favorite devices for consideration using the form just past the break, and feel free to elaborate in the comments. You don't need to fill in every field, but you are required to answer at least one question in order for your form to be processed. You've got until 11:59PM ET on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 to get your entries in. Now, go nominate!

Submit your nominations for the 2011 Engadget Awards!

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