Not So Massively: Diablo III exploits and competitive tournaments

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Not So Massively: Diablo III exploits and competitive tournaments
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Two major Diablo III exploits were made public this week, allowing Wizards to make themselves invulnerable and Barbarians to kill monsters just by running past them. The exploits have been in the game for at least a month and were hotfixed this week. Path of Exile celebrated its third public testing weekend this weekend and released its major 0.9.11 update, including a complete revamp of the passive skill tree.

In MOBA news, Major League Gaming released details of its $10,000 League of Legends tournament this week, and Riot Games unveiled new champion Diana, Scorn of the Moon. Dota 2 released a whopping three new heroes this week and began preparation for its upcoming tournament The International. Wrath of Heroes introduced a new leaderboard system and newbie quests in game update 0.23 this week, and Bigpoint unveiled its new MOBA, Universal Monsters Online, which lets players take on the mantle of Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster.

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Two major exploits revealed themselves in Diablo III this week, causing protests on the forums and calls for bans. The first exploit involved a Wizard casting Teleport: Fracture and interrupting it a split second later by casting Archon. The result was that the Wizard could not take any damage for the rest of the game, even after changing his gear and skills. When the exploit became publicly known, players used it to farm act 3 and 4 with full sets of magic find gear until it was hotfixed, but it was later shown that the exploit had been in the game for least a month and may have been abused since launch.

A related exploit allowed Barbarians to gain the on-hit procs from Furious Charge as permanent buffs by charging into any boss with a cutscene such as Ghom. The cutscene interrupted the charge and made the charge's on-hit effects permanent. Players could gain 8% of their maximum life on every hit or cause a 2.5-second stun on every critical strike, leading to some incredibly unbalanced builds. Players also dealt the charge's damage every time they ran past an enemy, in extreme cases causing them to explode on contact. This exploit was hotfixed but has also been in the game for over a month.

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Path of Exile released its 0.9.11 beta patch this week, revamping the passive skill tree and making the endgame map system available for testing. Players can now find maps throughout the game and use currency items to upgrade and reroll the stats on them. Players can also swap between two sets of weapons at will, allowing them to level up the gems in the swapped out weapon without using it. Weapon switching was a popular feature of Diablo II, and its lack in Diablo III has been much lamented.

Path of Exile also celebrated its third public beta stress test this weekend as it gears up for a mid-August open beta. If you can't wait that long, you can get guaranteed access to the closed beta by pre-purchasing 100 microtransaction points for $10. This week's Build of the Week shows an inventive tanky ranger build that uses high shield block and critical strike chance keep enemies shocked.

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Major League Gaming recently announced the teams for next week's $10,000 US summer League of Legends arena tournament. Korean team Azubu Blaze will face off against the European Team Black and North American entries Curse Gaming and Team SoloMid. This marks the first time a Korean team has been invited to compete in a North American tournament, and the entire tournament will be streamed online between Friday, August 3rd, and Sunday, August 5th.

This week Riot Games announced its new tank champion Diana, Scorn of the Moon. With her massive crescent blade, Diana uses the power of the moon to deal massive area-effect damage and initiate teamfights. Her Crescent Strike ability deals damage in an arc and applies the Moonlight debuff to every enemy hit. If an enemy is afflicted with Moonlight, Diana can teleport to him using her ultimate ability without activating the ability's cooldown. Her Moonfall ability pulls all nearby enemies toward her to set up for a teamfight, and Pale Cascade gives her a shield and surrounds her with three orbs that explode when enemies come into contact with them.

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The Dota 2 beta received a massive update this week with three new heroes added to the matchmaking and captain's mode pools and a whole series of balance tweaks and bot updates. The three new heroes will be the last released until after competitive tournament The International, as Valve is now committed to getting the game as polished as possible before the tournament. If you're a newcomer to the Dota 2 beta, check out the fantastic guide video below.

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Wrath of Heroes introduced game update 0.23 this week, adding a new leaderboard system and tutorial style quests for new players. BioWare also promised to release a new hero every two weeks throughout the summer and added a new scenario preference tab where you can let developers know which scenarios you like playing and which ones you really hate. You'll be more likely to get the maps to which you've given high preference, but you can still occasionally get ones you've given a low rating.

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It seems like everyone with a well-known characters is getting in on the MOBA genre lately, so it was only a matter of time before Universal Studios began leveraging its own intellectual properties. Universal Monsters Online is a new free-to-play MOBA using well-known characters like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and Wolf Man.

The game is being developed by German game studio Bigpoint Games under license from Universal Studios, but the characters may actually be old enough to be out of copyright. If that's the case, then nobody would own intellectual property rights to them and they could be used in other games. If you're interested in checking the game out, you can register for the beta now and immediately play via your browser.

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