Not So Massively: Diablo III's Monster Power system and LoL's World Championships

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Not So Massively: Diablo III's Monster Power system and LoL's World Championships
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This week Riot Games revealed details of the League of Legends $2,000,000 World Championship that's just two weeks away. Dota 2 celebrated its own world champions with a new blog post dedicated to the Aegis of Champions plaque given to this year's winners of The International. Upcoming console MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth showed off its PAX 2012 recap video this week, and Heroes of Newerth revealed its new hero, Solstice, who transforms during the night.

Torchlight II continues to dominate the game charts this week with impressive sales on Steam and even more impressive Metacritic scores. Upcoming free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile took another big step toward release this week with the addition of voice acting to quests. And Blizzard revealed details on Diablo III's next big patch, discussing increased legendary drop rates and the new Monster Power system that will let players customise their own difficulty levels.

Upcoming FPS Firefall revealed its impressive plans for Dynamic Events this week, with both local events and global invasions on the menu. Finally, Blacklight: Retribution followed last week's sniper montage contest with details of a new sniper-focused map and a new sniper rifle that would make Counterstrike players cry.

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The League of Legends world championship playoffs begin this week, running from October 4th to October 6th ahead of the official world championship finals on October 13th. The four highest-scoring teams in this competitive season will advance automatically to the quarter finals, while the remaining eight will battle it out for the last four places.

The eight best teams from around the world will meet in the quarter finals for a best-of-three single-elimination knockouts leading all the way to the grand final. The grand final will be played as a best-of-five match to find out who walks away with the $1,000,000 US top prize. A total of $2,000,000 US will be divided up among all 12 teams that enter the world championships, so every team that's made it this far is already a winner.

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As if the $1,000,000 US top prize from Dota 2's world championship tournament The International weren't enough, this week Valve showed off the awesome bronzework Aegis of Champions presented to the winners. The artists that produced the plaque will also be making collector's models of some of Dota 2's most iconic in-game items. If you've ever wondered how the music in games is produced, check out the video below of the Dota 2 music being recorded with an awesome orchestra and choir.

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Heroes of Newerth revealed its latest character this week, a melee strength hero named Solstice who transforms into a deadly assassin at night. Her first ability dashes to the target enemy and attacks, dealing a stun during the day or a slow during the night. Daytime Solstice gets bonus magic armour and armour during the charge, while Nighttime Solstice is granted stealth for the charge's duration and bonus attack speed on arrival. Her second ability reveals the map in a large area during the day and silently reveals stealthed units during the night.

Every third attack Solstice deals cleaves in a cone in front of her and grants a percentage of its damage as lifesteal, letting Solstice farm stacked neutral creeps with ease. Solstice's ultimate charges up and then deals massive damage in a long-range cone in front of her, slowing enemies hit during the day and fearing them during the night.

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Guardians of Middle-earth put on a tournament at this PAX 2012 this year and gave attendees the chance to get first-hand experience on the upcoming console MOBA. This week Monolith Studios released its PAX 2012 recap video showing the game in action on the XBox 360.

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Over a week after its launch, Torchlight II continues to stay in the top five top selling games on Steam. The game has secured an impressive Metacritic score of 89%, with a colossal user rating of 9.1 out of 10.

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This week Path of Exile took a huge step toward completion with the addition of full voice acting across most of the game. Quest text is now professionally voiced to immerse players more in the game's story. Check out the video below for sample of voice acting from an area near the start of the game.

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Diablo III developers Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng gave an interview this week on upcoming changes in patch 1.0.5, which is set to introduce new uber bosses and a new Monster Power mechanic. When the patch hits, Inferno mode will default to Monster Power 0 and get a lot easier as a result. Increasing the difficulty to Monster Power 1 makes every monster level 63, thus boosting the difficulty in acts 1 and 2 to match acts 3 and 4. Monster Power caps out at 10, and both quantity of loot and your magic find stat increase at higher levels. Monster Power is also available in normal, nightmare, and hell difficulties, though it's unclear how this will work.

The patch will also double the drop rate of legendary and set items across the board, eliminate drops below item level 58 in Inferno, and introduce new item level 63 rings and amulets. Wizards will be disappointed to hear that Energy Twister: Storm Chaser is having its spell coefficient nerfed from 0.5 to 0.125, and most of the Meteor runes that can be used with a Critical Mass build are also getting their spell coefficients heavily nerfed. Whirlwind Barbarians are also due for a hefty nerf, with the coefficient on Run Like The Wind's tornadoes being reduced dramatically.

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Firefall revealed details of its PvE Dynamic Events system in a new developer blog this week. The system is similar to Guild Wars 2's dynamic events, with events activated automatically across the game world and on-demand events activated by player activity. Local events will be specifically developed for each region to add some flavour, while global events can happen anywhere in the world and will tend to be part of the Firefall war theme.

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Following last week's sniper montage video contest, Blacklight: Retribution published more details on a new map with specialised features for snipers. Evacuation is a medium-sized map with plenty of cover and sniper towers. Zombie Studios also took the opportunity to show off the new anti-material sniper rifle that can deal massive damage but has an extremely long reload time.

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