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Kickstarter begins the new year with a Glitch


If this is the direction Kickstarter wants to take its future project line-up -- video-game-inspired and of creative, high-quality production -- we're on board. Kickstarter's official first Project of the Day of 2012 is Glitch, a fledgling webseries about a 20-something video-game tester who begins seeing 8-bit glitches in his real, otherwise completely average, life. Imagine it as a mix between Office Space and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

If that doesn't convince you to donate to the Glitch cause, the above trailer might. If that doesn't sell you, the prizes you earn by helping fund the project might. If those don't sway you, you're probably suffering a brain hemorrhage in your "potentially really entertaining webseries" lobe, and you should get to the hospital immediately.

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