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Sprint gives LightSquared an extra 30 days to gain FCC approval


As you may recall from last year, Sprint and LightSquared signed a 15-year agreement that would see the two companies share spectrum and equipment as they build out their respective LTE networks -- an agreement that hinged on LightSquared's ability to gain FCC approval for its planned use of a particularly problematic slice of spectrum. LightSquared faced a December 31st deadline from Sprint on that last bit, which has obviously passed. So, is the deal dead? Not yet -- Sprint's now given LightSquared a 30-day reprieve on the deadline, during which LightSquared can continue its attempt to gain clearance from the FCC. For its part, LightSquared has yet to comment on this latest development, and it remains to be seen if it's prospects for the next thirty days are any brighter than the last.

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