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GymPact for iPhone pays you to hit the gym


If you need motivation to get to the gym when you find your desire to stick to your resolutions waning, GymPact is offering a financial incentive to actually get you to go.

The free app works when you commit to go to the gym and then set a monetary amount for each day. You must go at least one day a week, and you have to set at least a $5 penalty for missing a day of exercise. If you meet your goal, GymPact will give you a cash reward, minus a 3 percent cut for GymPact, culled from that ever-growing pot of those who floundered and decided to watch "Man vs. Food Nation" rather than hit the gym.

Pacts are made on a weekly basis, so you're not locked into them like you are into a gym contract. And don't try sitting on your couch pretending you're at the gym either. The app's GPS integration will quickly confirm that you're not there. GymPact only applies to valid fitness centers, so your corner of the living room or office gym won't count.

GymPact is available now, though some people are reporting issues signing up through the recently released app. If you don't want to put your money on the line but do want ideas on getting in shape for the new year, check out our suggested apps for sticking to New Year's resolutions.

[via TechCrunch]

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