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Mommy's Best Games asks ESA members to renounce SOPA


You know how we feel about the anti-piracy/pro-censorship bill SOPA (we still think it's borderline evil) but now another developer is speaking out against it, and urging others to do so as well.

Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games (Serious Sam: Double D) wrote a blog post asking the Entertainment Software Association to drop its continued support of the bill. "If you work at one of these companies," Fouts said to ESA members, "talk to your boss and get them talking to the ESA! Ask what your company's stance is!" He also wrote to gamers suggesting we, as people being represented by the ESA, should ask the association to drop SOPA support.

In addition to this open letter, Fouts has been tweeting at every ESA member with the message, "Hi, checking in with all on the ESA list. Does your company support SOPA? If not, could you ask the ESA to drop support? Thx!"

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