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Newton releases, development in 2011


The Newton is almost 20 years old now and still has a developer community actively creating new resources for the personal digital assistant. It's a labor of love that's chronicled at the My Apple Newton blog run by Tony Kan, aka Genghis7777. Just like everyone else this time of the year, Kan recently took a look back at 2011 and summarized all the new software, hardware and other resources released for Apple's first tablet device.

The list isn't as long as the accomplishments of the iPhone dev team, but it's still impressive for a device released the same year Intel shipped the first Pentium processors. In the past year, the community has worked on a proof of concept version of the Newton OS emulator, Einstein, for iOS and Android, and an iPhone app that lets Newton owners install packages from an iPhone. They've also preserved some Newton apps and archived the Stillnewt website. You can read the rest of the list at the My Apple Newton blog. Even if you're not a Newton owner, it's worth a visit to support this group of fellow Apple fans.

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