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PlanetSide 2's Higby talks progression

Jef Reahard

PC Gamer's got the latest goods on Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide 2, and a new sit-down with developer Matt Higby has a few progression details that might interest you.

Unlike the original PlanetSide, the reboot is shaping up to be a more accessible battlefield adrenaline rush. Or maybe not. "We may say, hey, you know what? You have to have a certain amount of time in the Lightning before you're able to use a Vanguard," Higby reveals, indicating that the game's advancement path is far from finalized.

Higby says 10 hours is a good estimate for going from cannon fodder to worthy opponent in your vehicle of choice, and those 10 hours will likely be spent unlocking things like side-grade weapons, armor, countermeasures, telemetry, and radar systems. If it sounds like a lot of grinding, take heart. PlanetSide 2 players can avail themselves of an offline skilling mechanic, and Higby says that you'll be able to "shortcut your skills by burning resources" in the live game.

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