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2D fighter 'Phantom Breaker' on the way from publisher 7sixty


If you've been following 5pb's Japan-only Xbox fighting game Phantom Breaker, then, well, you're a bit ahead of us. Regardless, the 2D fighter will become a lot more accessible this year, when publisher 7sixty plans to localize it for release in North America. The Amazon page linked to by the publisher says it's due on January 31; however, it also says that SouthPeak is the publisher, so don't put too much stock in it. We're asking for more details.

Phantom Breaker is about a fighting tournament in Tokyo held by "Phantom," which promises to grant wishes to the winner. This attracts the attention of a variety of familiar anime-style characters, along with guests from other 5pb games like Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head Noah -- which would mean something if you lived in Japan, we assure you.

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Update: 7sixty is a SouthPeak subsidiary, hence the name on the Amazon page.

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