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DC Universe Online giving players a little more R&D

Eliot Lefebvre

There's nothing like a little crafting to spice up a game. In the wake of what appears by all accounts to be a successful free-to-play transition, DC Universe Online is giving players a new way to enjoy a little crafting in the form of the Research & Development system. A preview of the system has just arrived, showing off how to get started as well as what can be uncovered by patient research.

Once a character hits level 10, he or she can begin to gather Exobits, which can in turn be forged together into Exobytes at R&D stations. Using plans either found in the world or bought from specialized vendors players can then combine Exobytes into equipment mods or consumables, both of which can help boost players beyond their current levels of power. The system is set to debut along with the other features of Game Update 8, so there's only a little more time until players can get their hands on the materials and see what develops.

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