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Eligium community manager emphasizes the importance of beta testing

Jef Reahard

Thus far we don't know a whole heck of a lot about Frogster's Eligium (other than the fact that it features kung-fu pandas). The devs have released a trailer and kicked off the game's closed beta last month, but there's still a lot of mystery surrounding this particular MMO.

Thanks to an interview with Frogster community manager Piotr Dawidowicz, we now have a few more details to go on, including snippets about mounts, PvP, and the importance of the game's closed beta test.

"The closed beta for Eligium is not one of those marketing closed betas. We want to use this test phase effectively; it's not just a way to push the product," Dawidowicz explains. "We are intentionally not inviting the entire community to the closed beta. Many of the fans just want to see the finished product –- a polished game –- and don't want to bother with reporting bugs. That's why the closed beta is more of a privilege," he says.

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