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Xbox Live Avatar tattoos now available

Jordan Mallory

Firearms may have been too suggestive a topic for the Xbox Live Marketplace to broach, but apparently body modification is an A-OK, family friendly activity for everyone to enjoy. Xbox Live customers now have the opportunity to trade real money for virtual tattoos on fake people via the Marketplace. Available designs encompass the whole of "regrettable," from hot-rod flames and meaningless "tribal" scribbles to idealistic kanji symbols for "peace" and "love."

We should point out that the tattoos aren't actually accessories, but rather t-shirts and tank tops with transparent design "sleeves" that replace your existing clothing, meaning that it's impossible to have a tattoo with anything other than a blank shirt. Tattoos are also arm specific, just like in real life, so make sure you're really committed to the placement of your "Mom" heart before dropping the Microsoft points.

[Thanks, Randy.]

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