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Indie Royale unveils four fancy games in the New Year's Bundle


Indie Royale has lifted the beautiful silver lid from its New Year's Bundle games -- Nuclear Dawn, Fractal, Max & the Magic Marker and Super Crossfire, the last of which is marked as an Indie Royale exclusive. The New Year's Bundle was released as a mystery earlier this week and was available for blind pre-order at $3.99, with a free copy of George & Jonathan's chiptune album, "Beautiful Lifestyle," for faithful early buyers.

Indie Royale bundles increase in price as the sale continues, but paying more than the minimum knocks that price down and gets you a free copy of George & Jonathan's chiptune goodness to boot. There are just under five days left to snag the Indie Royale New Year's Eve Bundle -- and don't judge it for celebrating the new year one week late. We know some of you are still feeling the annual effects of the new year, too.

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