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New Canadian Apple Store will be eastern-most in North America


China isn't the only region Apple is targeting for expansion in 2012. The company is also eyeing Canada. Now home to 22 retail stores, the North American country may be getting four new outlets in the upcoming year.

According to and ifoAppleStore, Apple may open a store next to Sears in the Halifax Shopping Center. Located in Nova Scotia, this store will become North America's easternmost location.

The Halifax Shopping Center sounds like the perfect place for an Apple store. The mall was renovated in 2007, and has several big-name retailers. There's also a lot of people in Nova Scotia (over 900,000 residents) and very few nearby Apple stores. The next closest Apple retail store is the Maine Mall store, which is located over 300 geodesic miles (500+ road miles) away in the US.

[Via ifoApplsStore]

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