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The Repopulation devs talk stealth, skill lists

Jef Reahard

Development continues on The Repopulation, a new sci-fi sandbox MMORPG from Above & Beyond Technologies. The dev team has kicked off 2012 by updating the skill list section of the game's official website, and in addition to the overview, classifications, and ranking verbiage, there's also a link to a Google document showing all the skills currently in production.

The devs also took the time to answer a couple of random forum questions, among them how combat/crafting interdependency works as well as how the game's stealth system is shaping up. "We don't have the exact disguise system in place yet so I cannot really speculate on it beyond the fact it will be for hiding in plain sight (instead of out of sight with stealth). A spy class is a good idea on what that might work like. The whole idea is to impersonate a certain faction or sub-faction so you won't get attacked," the Xerves says.

[Thanks to S. Thompson for the tip!]

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