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Visualized: How Verizon preps LTE and 3G services for CES

Zach Honig

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With the population of Las Vegas growing by a few hundred thousand each year during CES, cell phone carriers begin planning boosted coverage weeks before the crowds arrive. We noticed a temporary cell site parked near the Las Vegas Convention Center, and asked if we could pop in to get an idea of how AT&T, Sprint and Verizon plan to accommodate all those extra devices. The trailer we saw (often called a "bull" or "cow") was connected to a standard fiber line and serves as a Verizon LTE and 3G cell site -- one of eight added for the show -- and will be tasked with keeping thousands of devices online. We'll be using Verizon LTE along with AT&T's recently launched LTE network to bring you all of this coming week's gadget news, making these temporary sites absolutely critical to our operations as well.

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