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Yu Suzuki expresses interest in obtaining Shenmue license from Sega


Get your grains of salt ready, we're about to report on the potential release of another Shenmue title. Speaking to French fan site Shenmue Master at the Toulouse Games Show (not to be confused with the other TGS), Shenmue maestro Yu Suzuki expressed possible interest in obtaining the Shenmue license from Sega.

When asked exactly who owns the license, Suzuki responded that the license currently belongs to Sega. That said, he added that "we can obtain the license from Sega," presumably speaking on behalf of his company, YS Net. Of course, that's not a direct confirmation that YS Net is actually pursuing such a transaction.

Even if it is, there's no guarantee the license would be used for a true Shenmue sequel anyway. After all, the last Shenmue project turned out be a (recently shuttered) social game. See the English translation of the interview after the break (skip to 9:40 for the question regarding Shenmue's license).

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