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Breakfast Topic: Why do you love your spec?


It's no secret: I love being a shadow priest. I've played plenty of other characters over my lengthy World of Warcraft career. My first character was a fury warrior. I've leveled a balance druid and shammy to 80 and then to 85. I've even started rogue and mage alts. But for all of that, there's no class I love more than my priest, no spec I love more than shadow.

There are many reasons why I love my class. I love the mana system more than the other systems of energy and rage. I love the unmatched power of the Dispersion defensive cooldown. I love how every point of damage I do rewards a small percentage back to me as self-healing. I love shadow priest lore. And most of all, I love how badass I look in Shadowform.

I love shadow priesting so much that I cannot begin to comprehend why anyone would play any other spec ... which is why I'm putting the question out there: What do you love most about the class and spec you play?

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