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C Spire's LTE rollout appears stalled, GPS interference doesn't help matters

Zachary Lutz

Target dates come and go, and other times, they're merely brushed aside. That seems to be the case for C Spire Wireless, which (back in its days as Cellular South) announced that it would have a live LTE network by the close of 2011. At the time, the regional provider had linked arms with Samsung to build up the necessary infrastructure, although now, all the carrier can muster is, "We did not launch 4G LTE at the end of 2011. We have no further comment beyond that." Its homegrown ambitions for LTE aren't the only front that's stalled, either. If you'll remember, the network had previously inked a deal with LightSquared to provide additional LTE coverage, although without regulatory approval, it seems that C Spire will be forced to find a new game plan if it cares to match speed with the big boys.

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