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Acer AcerCloud promo images look just like iCloud


Wow, what a surprising turn of events! Yet another consumer electronics manufacturer has unveiled something "new" that appears to be a blatant copy of something that Apple created. In this case, the guilty party is Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer. When they're not jumping on the "Ultrabook" bandwagon along with other manufacturers who are designing MacBook Air clones, they're busy parroting Apple's iCloud service.

The Verge published images from Acer (above) and Apple (below) presentations of their respective cloud services. As you can see, they're remarkably similar. Sure, the clouds are shaped differently, but both contain exactly 20 images. Both images contain a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. Acer has even named their photo sharing element "PicStream," which sounds remarkably similar to Photo Stream. The only major changes are the location of the devices, the location of the phrase "30 days," and the addition of a tacky Wi-Fi signal indicator. Both slides are done on a gradient background, although the colors are different.

As Acer fans are likely to point out in the comments, Apple didn't invent the concept of cloud computing. SugarSync's old ads even used to show three devices being fed media from a cloud. But when a major manufacturer is so desperate to be like Apple that they do their best to even mimic presentation slides, it shows an amazing lack of imagination and taste. It's just surprising that Acer didn't have a Steve Jobs lookalike make the presentation at CES 2012...

[Images via The Verge]

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