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Belkin WeMo Home Control Switch and Motion Sensor: hands-on (video)

Amar Toor, @amartoo

Belkin announced a pair of new WeMo home automation devices ahead of CES yesterday, and at today's Pepcom event, we managed to get a little experience with them for ourselves. First up is the succinctly titled Home Control Switch -- a humble-looking electrical outlet that you can turn on and off with an accompanying WeMo smartphone app. This effectively allows you to leave your appliances and gadgets plugged in and control them from afar. When coupled with the surprisingly petite WeMo Motion Sensor, the two devices can be programmed to turn devices on and off based on movements within your lair. Both accessories sport pretty unassuming aesthetics, and are slated to hit the US market this fall, with the Home Control Switch priced at $50 and the Motion Sensor sitting at $60. Head past the break for our brief hands-on video, and be sure to check out our gallery below for a closer look.

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