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MasterImage 3D glasses-free smartphone and tablet displays hands-on

Zachary Lutz

When MasterImage 3D announced two new displays for smartphones and tablets, you knew a hands-on would be inevitable. Based on the company's patented cell matrix parallax barrier, each display promises to eliminate much of the headaches typically associated with glasses-free 3D. As an added benefit of the cell matrix configuration, more light is allowed to pass through, which should prolong battery life. The smartphone display measures 4.3-inches at 720p resolution, while the tablet sizes up at 10.1-inches with a 1920 x 1200 layout. Generally, our thoughts on MasterImage's 3D technology were two-fold. First, it's absolutely true that the display is less nausea inducing, but when the image was viewed at its most proper angle, the three-dimensional effects were also less awe-inspiring. Nonetheless, the company has lined up partners for both displays and you should see the handiwork featured in consumer technology by the second half of this year.

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