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Samsung ES8000 edge-lit LED TV eyes-on

Tim Stevens

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Looking for an LED-backlit LED HDTV somewhere between the size of 46 and 65 inches in size? Do you like Samsung and chrome bezels and swoopy stands that add a little bling to your viewing experience? This, then, is the TV for you. It's the ES8000 that was just announced at Samsung's press event and, while it isn't nearly as slinky as the company's 55-inch OLED set, it is at least a looker. And, of course, it'll feature all of Samsung's "Smart Interaction" functionality for your gesture and voice-recognition pleasure. Oh, and it's also lovely and thin. Check out the look of the thing in the gallery below, and read the full details here.

Gallery: Samsung ES8000 HDTV hands-on | 6 Photos

Gallery: Samsung ES8000 edge-lit LED TV eyes-on | 16 Photos

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