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Taking a look at the world bosses of ArcheAge

Eliot Lefebvre

The upcoming sandbox game ArcheAge has turned quite a few heads with its design principles, graphics, and game mechanics. But mechanics alone don't make a game fun to play -- you need to have some content to make use of them, after all. Content like, say, a large number of bosses wandering the world for players to take up arms against. The folks over at Steparu have gone out and shown off precisely those bosses with a new series of videos, showing the latest beta build in action by demonstrating pitched fights against these enemies.

As the preview indicates, defeating bosses rewards you with enchantments, equipment, and reputation, with the last being quite useful to gain access to new prizes through the game. The first of several videos is embedded past the cut, but if you want to see the full spectrum of enemies you can fight like a boss, you'll need to check out the full array of videos yourself and possibly join the legions of hopeful fans wondering when the game will get a stateside release.

[Thanks to ArcheAge Fan for the tip!]

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