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Vizio reveals an image of its new 10-inch tablet... and not much else (update: there's more)


Vizio's already made headlines at this year's CES with its new line of laptop and desktop computers, but the company isn't done surprising us. From the looks of things, Vizio has decided to give its 8-inch tablet a big brother. Dubbed the VTAB 3010 according to the company's website, all we know is that it's sporting a 10-inch screen and that it's "coming soon" -- we've a sneaking suspicion that means by the end of the week.

Update: Well, it looks like Vizio's got even bigger plans for CES than we thought. Further digging on its website shows a new Blu-ray player with Google TV, a universal remote, soundbar and router will be debuting this week as well. Check the second source for more.

Update: Check out our Vizio hands-on here

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