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Xbox hacking victim tells her story, fights for others


In the current rash of Xbox Live hacking stories, Susan Taylor's might be the most interesting. Like many Xbox Live users in recent months, Taylor one day found that her Xbox Live account had been hijacked, and hundreds of dollars in Microsoft Points and Xbox Live subscriptions had been purchased, draining money directly from her linked bank account. And, like many others, the following days were consumed by calls with Microsoft support, attempting to get her stolen money returned and her Xbox Live account safely reinstated.

Her story has many other wrinkles, including a second massive purchase, despite Microsoft's word that her account had been locked, and her own detective work into discovering exactly who had stolen her account and why. Suffice it to say that Taylor's story has a happy ending -- no doubt thanks to a hefty amount of public exposure -- though it certainly wasn't an easy process.

Inspired by her experiences, Taylor has founded, on which her story is recounted and others are invited to share their own. We fully suggest you read Taylor's account of events, and don't forget that Joystiq is still investigating the issue as well. Be sure to contact us if you have any information.

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