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XCOM: Enemy Unknown mixes strategy and turn-based combat, first screens


Looks like we were right again -- Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown isn't a remake of the original game, but is more of a re-imagining, Firaxis told Game Informer. Enemy Unknown will mix real-time strategy on a global scale with turn-based combat, making it less of an RTS in the classic sense, Firaxis said.

Strategically, players will handle all the holistic aspects of conducting extra-terrestrial warfare, including directing research into alien technology, mollifying nations worldwide to secure funding, attacking UFOs with jet fighters, leveling up soldiers, recruiting new ones and directing the Skyranger transport to battle aliens on the ground.

Enemy Unknown isn't copying the functions of the 1994 original -- soldiers will have different stats, for example -- and it gets rid of much of the "tedium and uninteresting mechanics," while keeping gameplay challenging, Firaxis said. Enemy Unknown takes place in the thick of the alien invasion of Earth, while 2K Marin's first-person shooter XCOM covers the first alien attacks on the US. This is interesting, considering Enemy Unknown may end up launching before 2K Marin's title.

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