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Intel takes heat for 'misleading' Ultrabook demo at CES (video)

Amar Toor, @amartoo

Intel's reinvigorated Ultrabook campaign got off to a bit of a rocky start at CES yesterday, during a demo at its press conference. It all began when Intel's Mooley Eden took the stage to demonstrate the Ivy Bridge processors behind his company's forthcoming line of super-slim laptops. To do this, Eden decided to play a Codemasters game called F1 2011. At the time, it appeared that Eden was playing the game live, but as Bright Side of News editor Anshel Sag noticed, that probably wasn't the case. As you can see in the very beginning of the video (after the break), Moody instead ran a video file from VLC media player. Sag was quick to criticize Intel for misleading the audience with a pre-recorded demo, though it's worth noting that at one point, the exec made a joke about driving the game with one hand, and with no hands at all. It's still not clear, however, whether this was meant as a disclaimer. Head past the break to watch the clip for yourself.

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