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Samsung AllShare and AllShare Play with the Galaxy Note hands-on (video)


Away from home and need to pull Transformers 3 off of your PC? Samsung will oblige with its AllShare content system. The tech pulls video, music and pics from your connected computer(s) to your Galaxy Note via the AllShare Play app. Then, said software pushes the clip of your choosing to a web-enabled Samsung TV. Want a look at it in action? Take a look at the images below and our video demo just beyond the break.

In the short time we spent with AllShare, we were pretty impressed. Of course, the laptop that we were accessing content from was an arm's length away. We'd like to see how the whole kit performs from across town, in a more real-world setting. Even in close proximity, the tech worked pretty quickly, as we only had to wait a few seconds for the media to load or for an adequate connection to be made. Once you start a clip, your smartphone becomes a remote control of sorts with volume and playback controls. We're looking forward to being able to decide on that Boardwalk Empire marathon on-the-fly sans the need for pre-planning. The only thing we'd like to see is some sort of preview while the media is streaming on the TV. Right now, you can only view the content on one or the other and not on both devices at the same time.

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Zach Honig contributed to this report.

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