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Skyrim's PS3 stuttering bug to be 'addressed' this month, Bethesda says


When Bethesda's Twitter account invited fans to "tune in tomorrow" (that's today) for a "Skyrim tweak guide livestream," one follower pointedly asked the question so many PlayStation 3 Skyrim players out there want to know about the upcoming 1.4 patch to the game: "What about PS3 lag?????" You see, the game has some major memory issues on the PS3, making the game chug as the player's save files weigh down the console. It appears that the next patch, 1.4, will correct this "lag" issue.

"We're addressing that in the 1.4 update," Bethesda's Twitter account responded. The account also noted that the patch will be available at some point "this month." And though we imagine that folks waiting for the update would much prefer something more specific, that's the only launch window we've got for now, unfortunately. So you know, there are only 21 days left in January.

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