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Tamaggo 360-imager teams up with your PC or phone to take 360-degree panoramic pictures


There's a lot of ways to capture panoramic photos, from phone attachments for iPhone and Android to throwable camera orbs, and now there's the Tamaggo 360-imager. It's a small, 7 ounce, 14-megapixel camera that can capture fully viewable 360 degree images using built-in panamorph technology -- which allows users to navigate, zoom and crop images as soon as they're snapped. The device is controlled using its 2-inch LCD touchscreen, and charges its Li-polymer battery via mini USB, which it also uses to connect to your PC. Bluetooth's onboard to connect your phone, and WiFi's there to allow for easy photo sharing on email and social networks. The 360-imager will be available in Q2 of 2012 for $200, and stay tuned -- we'll be seeing the thing in person here at CES.

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Tamaggo Inc. Previews First Consumer Device with Integrated, Built-in, Panomorph Technology that Captures 360° High-resolution, Navigable Images with Just One Click

The Tamaggo 360-imager, with patented optics, makes affordable advanced technology that has not been readily available to consumers

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012, Jan. 10, 2012 - Tamaggo Inc., a consumer technology company based in Montreal, Canada, previews here today what will be the first consumer picture-taking device with fully integrated, built-in panomorph technology that lets users capture 360° high-resolution, navigable images with just one click.

The device, called the Tamaggo 360-imager, is expected to be available through retailers and e-tailers for under US$200 in Q2 2012.

"The Tamaggo experience is so new that it goes beyond what consumers conceive of as photography today," said Tamaggo CEO James Ionson, a former senior executive at Polaroid Corporation who has authored various imaging patents. "It's so new that we came up with a term to describe the process of producing images with the Tamaggo, and that's Tamaggraphy," he continued, adding that the device also redefines how we think of a camera.

"With patented ImmerVision Enables panomorph technology, the ergonomically designed, 14-megapixel Tamaggo 360-imager goes well beyond the 360° options in today's consumer marketplace," said Tamaggo Founder and President Jean-Claude Artonne, who also is founder of ImmerVision – which advanced optical and software panoramic technologies and is becoming the leading standard for high-end commercial and government security applications.

"Think about the images that you have been able to see in virtual tours," he explained. "Virtual-tour technology has been the province of professionals using expensive equipment; but the Tamaggo will finally put this capability into the palms of consumers."

"When viewing a Tamaggraph on a computer, tablet, smartphone or other compatible device," said Artonne, "you can move around and look at different details within the image – seeing what was above, below or even behind you as the shot was taken.

"One of the unique features," he continued, "is that the Tamaggo can freeze the action taking place within the entire 360°-imaging environment, unlike a standard stitching solution that needs multiple snapshots taken over a few seconds, such as required by Microsoft Photosynth and other stitching applications."

Artonne, also the author of many imaging patents, noted that Tamaggraphs can be taken from distances between 0 (zero) and infinity, no focus required. He also noted that the Tamaggo captures images in four automatic orientations: Sky 360°, Ground 360°, horizontal panoramic and vertical panoramic.

The Tamaggo, said Artonne, "knows" if it's being held to capture 360° or to capture panoramic images, an "intuitive" feature that is patent pending.

"In addition," he said, "Not only can you navigate through your Tamaggraphs and easily share them via social networking platforms, but you can also crop scenes into high-quality pictures that can be printed.

"We believe that the Tamaggo 360-imager has the potential to set a new milestone in the history of imaging," declared CEO Ionson, who has been most recently at the forefront of 360° intelligent-video technology in the business-to-business arena.

"The market, of course, will decide," said Ionson.


The Tamaggo 360-imager is the first picture-taking device with fully integrated, built-in panomorph optical and software technology that enables consumers to capture 360ºhigh-resolution, navigable images with just one click. It operates in four orientations: Sky 360, Ground 360, horizontal panorama and vertical panorama – and is the first intuitive device with position sensors that "know" if the user is holding it to capture 360ºor if you are shooting for horizontal or vertical panoramic images.

The Tamaggo 360-imager, which is a 2012 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree in the digital imaging category,is ergonomic and comfortably fits in the palm of one hand. It will be available from retailers and e-tailers for under US$200 in Q2 2012.

The User Experience

The Tamaggo is different from a traditional camera in two ways: the experience in taking the picture and the experience in what you can do afterwards. That's why we say it's not photography, it's Tamaggraphy.

· During Image Capture: No need to worry about what's in the "frame" or what's out – the Tamaggo 360-imager captures it all. With one click and the imager held upright, the Tamaggo user can capture a 360ºimmersive image. Or, with one click and the imager held straight out in front, the user can capture a horizontal or vertical panoramic image.

Plus, Tamaggraphers can be in the picture, either by holding the imager in a certain position or by using the integrated stand that triggers an auto-delay timer for remote image capture. Or they can hold the Tamaggo above their heads to capture 360ºand remain out of the picture.

· After Image Capture: The user can pan around, or navigate, and zoom into their 360 images; then they can edit and crop into multiple scenes to create digital albums; and they can share navigable images via email or social networking.


· 14MP sensor with wide dynamic range
· ImmerVision Enables panomorph 360ºoptics
· 2" diagonal LCD touch screen
· Intuitive orientation sensor
· Solid state
· Mini USB and wireless (WiFi and Bluetooth)
· Weight: 7 oz (190g)

· Dimensions: Length -3.62 inches (92mm)
Height -2.19 inches (55.8mm)
Width- 2.40 inches (61.1 mm)
· Battery: Li-Polymer rechargeable
· Integrated stand for remote image capture
· Compatible with multiple devices: mobile phones, computers, netbooks and tablets

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