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Hero Academy available now on iOS, free


Robot Entertainment, developers of the polished tower defense action game Orcs Must Die, launched Hero Academy today for iOS. The strategy game is "free," but if you enjoy the experience at all, you'll find yourself paying the $1 to make the intrusive ads popping up after every turn go away. There are also more heroic teams, avatars, uniforms and taunts to buy at $1+ apiece.

The strategy title features asynchronous play, allowing you to keep up with several matches against friends or strangers while on the go. Robot clearly has plans to expand on this property, its first foray into the mobile market, with more teams and a la carte items.

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Slay Your Friends Turn-by-Turn in Hero AcademyTM, Debut iOS Title from Robot Entertainment!

Multiplayer tactics game lets you challenge friends to fantasy battles

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Plano, Texas - January 11, 2011
Robot Entertainment today announced the launch of their first mobile title, Hero Academy, a head-to-head multiplayer tactics game. Gamers will choose a team to battle their friends with unique, customizable armies. The game features a variety of playable units, offering a wide range of magical attacks and abilities. Players must choose the best time to strategically upgrade units in order to conquer their enemies. Hero Academy is a free download, available today for iOS devices.

Hero Academy utilizes asynchronous multiplayer, so a player may battle friends across multiple simultaneous games, whenever they have a few moments of free time. Push notifications alert players to select moves from a range of options, like advancing across the game board, attacking, defending, or adding powerful items to the fray.

Once satisfied with their armies' five moves, gamers submit their orders or add a silly animated taunt. The game features a built-in chat system so adversaries can talk smack or simply stay in touch with each other. The first player to destroy their opponent's crystals is declared the winner, but not before a heated tug-of-war: will you focus your attacks on the crystal or spread your fire across the heads of your enemies? The game launches with the noble Council as a playable army, with more heroic teams, avatars and add-ons soon to be available via in-app purchase.

Hero Academyfeatures:

• Multiplayer Tactics Gaming on the Go – Challenge friends to one-on-one battles via online multiplayer.
• Asynchronous Strategy – Play a heated bout in twenty minutes or across a full day, whenever you have a few moments.
• Quick to Learn – Casual players can attack without mercy, while tactical gamers will love the strategic cat-and-mouse gameplay.
• Heroic Visuals – Colorful fantasy graphics highlight each character and the board's premium tiles.
• Vicious Variety – Each team has five unique units with different strengths and magical abilities. Two teams to start, with more coming soon.
This title marks Robot Entertainment's first foray into mobile game development, having become previously known for their titles Orcs Must Die! and Age of Empires Online.

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