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New TERA gameplay clips feature dungeons, boss fight, exploration

Jef Reahard

TERA has fallen a bit off the radar due to the lengthy gestation period of its North American client release. The game launched in Korea a year ago, and so far En Masse Entertainment hasn't managed to nail down a definitive launch date for the western version.

Fortunately, there are fan sites to pick up the slack, and Steparu has updated with a trio of TERA gameplay videos sure to warm even the most jaded Arborean heart. The clips are all fairly lengthy, and they feature a Castanic Slayer in various gameplay locales including dungeons, boss fights, and the open world (specifically, the picturesque New Ellenon zone). We should also point out that the main character in all three clips is a female Castanic, so fair warning to those who take offense to skimpy armor.

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